Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Family Under Stress

There are many crisises a family can experience. The important thing is how they handle it and get through it together.
Coping-how to deal with something, getting by
Make little adjustments so it fits perfectly under pressure.

Ways People Cope
Denial- Deny that the problem exists.
Avoidance- They stay away and ignore the problem.
Scapegoating- Putting the blame for the problem on someone else.

Sometimes the scapegoat can bring the family together.

Crisises Families go Through
Substance Abuse
Addiction- a relationship with a substance, object, activity even a person used to distract or interfer being able to respond.

Stress vs Distress
Stress- pressure and
Distress- internal emotional responses

Two Tools to Respond
Mindfulness- awareness that arises from thinking about a problem on purpose in the moment how they are with no judgement.

Stimulus and how you respond,

Chloe Madones
Spirit is wounded
Everyone is including the perpatraitor.
Evil is always stupid (people try to make sense out of nonsense)
On his knees & apologize
# Min / # Life

Miracle of Forgiveness

Forgive Yourself!

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